With less than two weeks remaining before the official Windows 7 end-of-life, which will also affect Windows 2008 and 2008R servers, nearly half of Windows users are still unprepared for the shift. The most pressing issue is that after January 14th, Windows 7/2008/2008R users will face a system that can no longer receive security updates or Microsoft security support, leaving their systems either wholly or partially unprotected.

As January 14th approaches, many businesses are working to determine the best migration practices that will least upset their daily activity. But each business requires different considerations and plans for implementing the best solution. There are different levels of action, each of which has its own risks and rewards.

I could go into detail, make a chart for each level, flex my vocabulary, and impress you with my technical savvy… OR you could just call Central Office Systems at (262) 784-9698, talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable experts, craft a plan of action, be prepared for January 14th, and move into the future seamlessly and protected.

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