In the age of technology, information can be cheap. Our faces, our family’s faces, and their families’ faces are plastered all over electronic walls. We can track people by their tags on social media. The other day, I found a term paper I wrote for high school on a site entirely dedicated to analytical musings on, funnily enough, Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club. Most of our information hovers in this new space that is either blatantly or begrudgingly public. Honestly, it’s hard to differentiate anymore. 

While these innovations of technology can be helpful, there are still those articles of information that require more delicate handling. HIPAA compliance is important for more than just medical offices; schools, insurance agencies, governmental programs, and data storage firms are all subject to HIPAA regulations. As most medical and health records are maintained electronically, the rubber truly hits the road when these records need to be printed. 

Many offices that handle sensitive information can also be subject to hefty fines (up to $1.5 million!) and even lawsuits if their records aren’t cared for properly. Then there is, of course, the injury to your business’s reputation. These immediate and long-term damages could too easily evolve from inconvenient to insurmountable. 

Thankfully, Central Office Systems is here to help. We offer printer attachments, processes, and configurations that turn your existing printing system into a HIPAA-compliant network. Implementing pull printing procedures will queue print jobs at the printer and require release by the sender, ensuring documents aren’t left in trays unattended. A well-trained staff, updated firmware, and additional attachments are all measures that further protect your business from breaches that could compromise its health. The experts at Central Office Systems are happy to discuss your options with you; call us today at (262) 784-9698.