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We’re the leading company providing responsive IT services to businesses throughout Wisconsin. Eliminate downtime and ramp up productivity with tailor-made technology solutions from Central Office Systems. We ensure you get the most out of your technology investment by learning about what your business needs, along with computer or network problems. We work closely with you to develop and carry out a unique plan to resolve time-wasting issues, improve security, and help your business operate at peak efficiency.



Information Technology Management

Central Office Systems soars above the competition in both IT proficiency, innovation, and customer service. We understand that IT management can spell the difference between success and failure; we also know that having a responsive team on your side makes all the difference. Our services all draw from our dedication to the highest caliber of customer care. We learn about problems facing your IT systems immediately, oftentimes before you do. We have the capability to remotely access your systems, initiate support, address any problems, and repair & replace any lost or damaged information. We also offer speedy and efficient onsite support if remote assistance doesn’t satisfactorily remedy the issue.

If the technology needs of your business are growing but you’re not sure how to optimize your IT systems, Central Office Systems can help. Traditional servers aren’t equipped to run more than one operating system at a time, yet we live in a world that requires fluidity between different operating systems. Server Virtualization allows your operation to run multiple operating systems and applications simultaneously, optimizing energy usage and expenditures. With Server Virtualization from Central Office Systems, you don’t have to choose; you can literally have the best of both worlds.

At Central Office Systems, we personalize strategies to fit the needs of each and every one of our clients. We know our clients aren’t interested in investing in applications they’ll never use or expensive, overkill measures. Instead, we focus on creating manageable and effective IT systems that support your organization and help your business meet your present and future goals. Personalization always leaves room for the addition or removal of services down the road, when the needs of your business change.

Central Office Systems is your trusted partner in all things technology; as such, we never leave our valued clients without support. With our IT Services, you’ll never be left without a watchful eye. Our Managed IT Services keep your computers and networks operating seamlessly, maximizing productivity and minimizing unnecessary downtime.

Central Office Systems proudly employs IT experts so our clients can rest assured they are in capable hands. We foster an environment of learning and improvement at Central Office Systems, always focused on staying ahead of the threats and trends facing the industry. Our dedication to setting industry standards, maintaining a rich pool of talent, and creating a culture where ideas are shared and constantly evolving empower our in-house and onsite staff to deliver the highest level of customer service.


Printers, Copiers, & Presses

Central Office Systems is known for our printing, copying, and digital presses for good reason; we are Konica Minolta’s largest and fastest-growing Wisconsin-based authorized dealer. Our inventory is unmatched, and we pride ourselves on finding efficient, effective solutions for each and every one of our clients, regardless of size or budget. We also proudly offer the industry’s finest refurbished models alongside our renowned customer service. Central Office Systems specializes in finding the ideal machines for our valued clients and providing the services that will undoubtedly minimize waste and optimize operations.


The Cloud

Individuals and businesses alike have flocked to the Cloud for its reliability and convenience. Central Office Systems’ IT Services take full advantage of the Cloud’s flexibility and scalability, which provides our clients with increased security, mobility, and access to their information at all times. Make yourself available anywhere at any time with Central Office’s Systems’ Cloud Services.

Regulate and access your Cloud backups whenever you require information recovery with Central Office System’s Cloud Recovery Services.

Forget expensive hardware and/or software as well as hiring out complicated tasks to pricey consultants. Central Office Systems deploys all the necessary equipment, programming, and personnel to service your Cloud servers and data centers, allowing you access to advanced technologies and accomplished technicians. The infrastructure we have built and maintain provides our clients with all the benefits of a large technology company without sacrificing quality customer service or paying a hefty bill.

Don’t worry about individual subscriptions; with Central Office Systems, everyone on your team can plug in and subscribe to the services we provide via our protected Cloud infrastructure.

The high cost of keeping up with technological advances puts small and medium-sized businesses at a disadvantage. Central Office Systems can host your email and software solutions in our secure cloud server environment, making them easily accessible to a number of approved users over the internet. Cloud technology eliminates physical storage and cooling expenses and frees up space in your hourly budget and your office. Scalable, pay-as-you-go pricing and increased mobile access mean Cloud storage services streamline your budget AND your workflow.

In today’s mobile workforce, it’s essential that we have access to our virtual desktops at a moment’s notice. Central Office System’s virtual desktop offering allows your team to access their own, personal workspace from any desktop portal, including applications like the Microsoft Office Suite. Isolated Cloud servers simultaneously offer incredible security and unprecedented accessibility, all managed by the watchful eye of Central Office Systems.

Accessing information on the go has become a standard priority for businesses and their team members; it’s securing these mobile devices, with their various carriers and operating systems, that often gives IT departments problems. With Central Office Systems, you can separate personal and corporate information and functions on your mobile devices; passwords, apps, GPS locations, and data can remain private, while corporate information can be protected from device wipes and other remote controls. Businesses, then, can mitigate the risks that occur when devices are used for both personal and professional use, in short, compartmentalizing and managing application and data without having access to the entire device.


Development & Deployment

Onboarding new equipment and deploying devices can be time-consuming, not to mention complicated and oftentimes frustrating. Luckily, the experts at Central Office Systems have onboarding and deployment streamlined, down to a science. We even configure individual devices for your entire team, if need be, including Windows, Apple, Android, iOS, and Chrome products.

Managing communication has never been easier than with the Office 365 suite. Boasting ample storage space, intelligent scheduling capabilities, and unparalleled email & web security, Office 365 just might be what’s missing from your office. We at Central Office Systems are experts at email migration, as well, ensuring you lose nothing, including your valuable time.

As one of the most effective and least expensive forms of modern advertising, having a social media presence is irreplaceable in today’s marketplace. Central Office Systems’ robust source of expertise, precision, and research helps our clients develop branding strategies that are not only effective but unforgettable.


VOIP & Managed Voice Services

Reduce your costs and eliminate redundant or duplicate billing with Central Office Systems’ VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) & Managed Voice Services. Our simplified solutions offer a variety of ways you can harness the power of a VoIP system while managing your usage and keeping your costs low. Central Office Systems’ technicians determine exactly what your operation needs and designs a comprehensive solution to address your telecommunication requirements, oftentimes unified with your Cloud-based activity.


Central Office Systems Consultations

Keeping pace with technology is no easy task. Enter Central Office Systems. Our team is comprised of industry experts in all major technological sectors, including network & virtualization design, computer upgrades, software updates, data migration, or even physical relocation. Beyond basic consultation, which we offer to all of our clients, our highly-specialized consultants work alongside your organization to develop strategies that optimize your budget, address your current needs, and anticipate future trends.


Office Move Project Planing & Wiring

Whether you’re moving to a new location or just reorganizing your current space, Central Office Systems provides design and installation of custom cabling solutions to optimize your voice and data networks. We’ll help you integrate new equipment or coordinate a fast and efficient transition of your servers, workstations, printers, and services to a new address. Planning an office move is stressful enough—let Central Office Systems help by shouldering the IT burden and minimizing disruption and downtime.

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On-Demand IT Services & Support

If your small business doesn’t require ongoing IT support, you can still benefit from having a complete IT department at your service whenever you need it. With on-demand IT services from Central Office Systems you pay only for what you need without getting locked into a contract. You’ll enjoy rapid response times and reliable IT services and support from our qualified technicians.

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Website Development & Social Media Services

Intuitive, responsive website design and a strong, distinctive social media presence are the frontlines of modern-day marketing efforts. Memorable and successful companies boast an active online presence, which includes websites that are designed for search engine optimization (SEO) and engage your clientele with eye-catching design and high-quality content. Utilizing social media platforms, namely Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, to establish not only an online presence but an identifiable brand is easily the most important and useful resource growing businesses utilize. As a cutting-edge IT firm, Central Office Systems sources locally for the finest designers and teams in the industry, delivering thought-provoking content inspired by traditional, polished ideals and a deep understanding of current and upcoming trends. Maximize your online presence and usher your clients into the next generation of innovation with guided Website Development and Social Media Services.


Central Office Systems Cybersecurity

Information is power; information technologies are simply ways to manage and leverage that power. Since the turn of the century, protecting data has become perhaps the most important aspect of any successful business. Comprehensive approaches to security deployment cover everything from individual computers and mobile devices to servers and firewalls. Central Office Systems’ Cybersecurity department takes an informed and holistic approach to protect you and your information from harm and prowling threats. We secure every window into your information, including computers, mobile devices, tablets, servers, and firewalls. We further protect our clients with cloud backup, data security, and disaster recovery, ensuring the greatest proactive and reactive measures available in the industry.

Don’t let yourself be taken hostage by malicious hackers and prowlers hiding in the anonymity afforded by cyberspace. Offshore accounts can access unprotected information, encrypt it, and hold it ransom for hefty sums. Protect yourself from these sophisticated forms of malware with full ransomware protection from Central Office Systems. We safeguard your account from attacks because we believe being proactive is more effective and less expensive than being reactive.

Perhaps the most tenuous aspect of modern life is how much we rely on our devices. Technology isn’t perfect; sometimes it falters or fails altogether. Prepare for when things go wrong with Central Office Systems’ comprehensive Data Recovery Services. We employ an unprecedented combination of cybersecurity measures to back-up your information, keep it updated, and protect it. Central Office Systems also prides itself on responding to data recovery assignments swiftly; we stay prepared to ensure your business is back up and running with minimal downtime.


Commercial Security

Protecting your information is one thing; protecting your physical possessions and ensuring the safety of your employees and premises is another. Defend your life’s work with intelligent and comprehensive security solutions from Central Office Systems. Your complete security is our job. We learn about your business, personalize a system to secure your property, and provide comprehensive monitoring solutions so you’ll never have to leave your business or its inventory vulnerable to burglary or dishonesty again.

Falling prey to burglary is every business owner’s nightmare. Don’t leave your investment unprotected; Central Office Systems offers everything you need to not only detect wrongdoing but to eliminate it from happening at all. It’s an age-old truth: people behave better when they know they’re being watched. Our state-of-the-art surveillance systems leave no doubt to external threats that their every move is being monitored and inspected. Motion detectors, door alarms, and 24-hour monitoring empower our protection services to serve you long after you’ve left for the day. Don’t leave anything to chance: call Central Office Systems to speak with an experienced security technician today.

Unfortunately, sometimes our biggest losses are the result of employee dishonesty. Monitor your employees’ activities, whereabouts, patterns, and access with our suite of security measures. Card readers and access control systems limit and regulate access to secure areas, such as control rooms or inventory storage. Surveillance systems monitor employee behavior and productivity, as well as track consumer habits in the retail arena, helping you drive sales. With Central Office Systems’ intelligent security designs, you’ll safeguard your business from internal threats, boost employee productivity, and gain valuable insight into the minds and experiences of your guests.

We have highlighted some of Axis’s most-popular series below, but Central Office Systems has access to the full suite of Axis products. For more information about Axis’s different offerings or to inquire about a specific product/model, please email us at

M Series: High-Performing, Reasonable Surveillance:
Blazing trails in the surveillance and security industry is the sleek, smart M Series from Axis. Discreet yet powerful, these dome cameras are designed against vandalism and dust/particle damage, as well as equipped for both indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for homes, small businesses, hotels, schools, and similar establishments, this series from Axis is ideal for more modest operations with tighter budgets.

P Series: Classic Dome Cameras Reinvented for High Definition:
For more expanded coverage, either in detail or range, turn to the P Series from Axis. Our classic dome cameras have been reinvented and engineered for the digital age, with laser-precision and high-definition lenses. All cameras in our P series feature patented Axis technology like Forensic Capture, Lightfinder Technology, and Zipstream Technology for enhanced performance and complete peace of mind.

Q Series Leading the Industry in Comprehensive Monitoring:
The Q Series from Axis is the definitive frontrunner in surveillance and security equipment. For any challenge you may face, day or night, the Q Series offers our clients high-resolution, audio detection, light sensitivity, and gatekeeper functionality to ensure the absolute security of your premies. Stunning precision and incredible durability make the Q Series ideal for large enterprises that take their security seriously.




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“I like the fact that I can send in a service call right through your website and that I receive an email confirmation that you have received the request and will be assigning it. Your techs get here extremely fast which is great. After dealing with Canon and their wait times for 4 years at my previous job, Central Office Systems is practically a Godsend.”

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“He specifically explained what he had to do to fix it and I showed him what I attempted to do, I was one option away from the one he did and he showed me the option he did in case I ever need to do it myself again.”

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“The staff at Central Office Systems goes out of their way to keep your office moving forward. Central Office Systems is with you the entire way, from helping you select the correct product, showing you how to get the most out of your product, to keeping it performing to your needs.”

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“Your trainer was the best! I must say that I am pretty excited about our new relationship! Actual humans to work with. What a concept!”

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