Security & Surveillance

Stay protected wherever you go with Central Office Systems; comprehensive security and surveillance systems. Based and monitored locally, Central Office Systems offers not only the industry’s most trusted and reliable products, we offer our valued clients unbeatable response times and award-winning service.

Residential Security

With top-of-the-line security cameras, alarm systems, motion detectors, and around-the-clock monitoring, Central Office Systems leads the security industry in not only implementation but client care and satisfaction.

There is a security system for everyone’s budget, lifestyle, location, and needs; luckily, Central Office Systems has expanded services that accommodate each client’s specific needs simply and completely. Over the years, keypads have become the centerpiece for nearly every residential security system; now, key fobs and mobile-capable programs are innovative expansions on traditional home security systems. Motion Detectors, Glass Break Sensors, Temperature Monitors, Flood Detectors, and Take your home with you wherever you go with Central Office Systems Residential Security Solutions.

Video camera surveillance is one of the most reliable and versatile ways to protect your home. Burglaries, unsavory elements, and other household threats are no match for our state-of-the-art devices, including dome cameras, bullet cameras, and digital video recorders.

Smoke alarms, temperature detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors are your first and most effective lines of defense against fire-related threats to you, your family, and your property. Monitor your house’s temperature (which also comes in handy in the middle of winter when pipes tend to freeze) and your environment with intuitive alarms from Central Office Systems. Our alarms and detectors are simple, effective supplements to the system you already have in place or the ideal way to begin building up your home security.

Home should be a place of happiness and security, somewhere you can rest easy. Central Office Systems is devoted to securing the homes of our clients, preserving their ease and comfort by implementing only the most effective and easy-to-use security systems. Our swift and deliberate response to disturbances at home, alongside our vast and updated suite of products, set us apart from the competition. Our experience in the technology sector lends itself to our security solutions through user-friendly apps for your mobile phone, so you’ll always be only a click away from home. As a homeowner and as a family, one thing you’ll find difficult to replace is peace of mind; protect your home and your loved ones now with Central Office Systems.

Commercial Security

Central Office Systems designs, installs, monitors, and updates the highest quality security systems in Wisconsin.

Protecting your information is one thing; protecting your physical possessions and ensuring the safety of your employees and premises is another. Protect your life’s work with intelligent and comprehensive security solutions from Central Office Systems. Your complete security is our job. We learn about your business, personalize a system to secure your property, and provide comprehensive monitoring solutions so you’ll never have to leave your business or its inventory vulnerable to burglary or dishonesty again.

Falling prey to burglary is every business owner’s nightmare. Don’t leave your investment unprotected; Central Office Systems offers everything you need to not only detect wrongdoing but to eliminate it from happening at all. It’s an age-old truth: people behave better when they know they’re being watched. Our state-of-the-art surveillance systems leave no doubt to external threats that their every move is being monitored and inspected. Motion detectors, door alarms, and 24-hour monitoring empower our protection services to serve you long after you’ve left for the day. Don’t leave anything to chance: call Central Office Systems to speak with an experienced security technician today.

Unfortunately, sometimes our biggest losses are the result of employee dishonesty. Monitor your employees’ activities, whereabouts, patterns, and access with our suite of security measures. Card readers and access control systems limit and regulate access to secure areas, such as control rooms or inventory storage. Surveillance systems monitor employee behavior and productivity, as well as track consumer habits in the retail arena, helping you drive sales. With Central Office Systems’ intelligent security designs, you’ll safeguard your business from internal threats, boost employee productivity, and gain valuable insight into the minds and experiences of your guests.

As the hub of basic, physical security for your business, the fire control panel is your gateway to your entire fire prevention system. Easily outfitted to communicate with smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, sprinkler systems, and other equipment, a responsive fire control panel is essential for a safe and secure office or workplace.

Horn strobes sound a loud alarm for the visually impaired as well as a high-powered strobe light to help the hearing-impaired to evacuate endangered premises. Synchronized strobes align alarms throughout a building or business so as not to trigger those with epilepsy. All strobe systems from Central Office Systems can be tailored to satisfy local building codes.

Manual activation of fire alarms can oftentimes alert your company and the fire department before smoke detectors do. Usually wired to the control panel, the pull station’s wall-mounted, manual handles remain locked in the activated position until help arrives.

Central Office Systems Cybersecurity

Central Office Systems’ Cybersecurity department takes an informed and holistic approach to protect you and your information from harm and prowling threats.

Information is power; information technologies are simply ways to manage and leverage that power. Since the turn of the century, protecting data has become perhaps the most important aspect of any successful business. Comprehensive approaches to security deployment cover everything from individual computers and mobile devices to servers and firewalls. Central Office Systems’ Cybersecurity department takes an informed and holistic approach to protect you and your information from harm and prowling threats. We secure every window into your information, including computers, mobile devices, tablets, servers, and firewalls. We further protect our clients with cloud backup, data security, and disaster recovery, ensuring the greatest proactive and reactive measures available in the industry.

Don’t let yourself be taken hostage by malicious hackers and prowlers hiding in the anonymity afforded by cyberspace. Offshore accounts can access unprotected information, encrypt it, and hold it ransom for hefty sums. Protect yourself from these sophisticated forms of malware with full ransomware protection from Central Office Systems. We safeguard your account from attacks because we believe being proactive is more effective and less expensive than being reactive.

Perhaps the most tenuous aspect of modern life is how much we rely on our devices. Technology isn’t perfect; sometimes it falters or fails altogether. Prepare for when things go wrong with Central Office Systems’ comprehensive Data Recovery Services. We employ an unprecedented combination of cybersecurity measures to back-up your information, keep it updated, and protect it. Central Office Systems also prides itself on responding to data recovery assignments swiftly; we stay prepared to ensure your business is back up and running with minimal downtime.

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What Our Clients Say

“Very friendly and personable technician, very knowledgeable.”

Green Bay, WI

“Central Office Systems has been very easy to work with and does an excellent job of getting technicians out within a day.”

Wrightstown, WI

“I like the fact that I can send in a service call right through your website and that I receive an email confirmation that you have received the request and will be assigning it. Your techs get here extremely fast which is great. After dealing with Canon and their wait times for 4 years at my previous job, Central Office Systems is practically a Godsend.”

Racine, WI

“He specifically explained what he had to do to fix it and I showed him what I attempted to do, I was one option away from the one he did and he showed me the option he did in case I ever need to do it myself again.”

Kenosha, WI

“Mainly because of your response times, (and my only other dealings in the past were with Canon) you are the only other company I have experience with. I would definitely recommend you to a colleague and could explain exactly why to that colleague why I am recommending Central Office Systems.”

Milwaukee, WI

It was very quick and easy.”

Pewaukee, WI

“Your response to our service call was fantastic, and the technician seemed very knowledgeable. We do appreciate it very much because our machine is a big part of our business.”

Germantown, WI

“The staff at Central Office Systems goes out of their way to keep your office moving forward. Central Office Systems is with you the entire way. From helping you select the correct product, showing you how to get the most out of your product to keeping it performing to your needs.”

Milwaukee, WI

“Central office systems has been very easy to work with and does an excellent job of getting technicians out within a day.”

Wrightstown, WI

“The technician was very pleasant and courteous. He took the time to explain what happened, how to remove the drawers and what he was replacing.”

Caledonia, WI

“This tech is the absolute best!! I don’t usually fill out surveys, but I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate him. He fixed the problem!”

Fox Point, WI

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