How much attention are you paying to your computer data, email, and website security? Probably not as much as you should. Technology is like a crutch that has been melded to our bodies; we are now nearly fully bionic. Even I sometimes forget how the world worked before email, cell phones, data plans, and GPS. Take their phones away and give them a map, and I don’t think any high school student could navigate their way out of a paper bag, never mind actually solve a real-world problem. But, I digress. Regardless of how you feel about technology, it’s here to stay—and it’s become so ingrained in our everyday lives that when something goes haywire, it’s positively debilitating.

About two weeks ago, ransomware infected the City of Racine. Since the morning of January 31st, the city of Racine has been scrambling to address their newfound vulnerabilities. As systems crashed, the Racine Police were unable to process fee payments or provide copies of police or accident reports. Officials haven’t released whether a ransom was actually paid, but they did reveal that they believe the culprit of the entire snafu was an employee who unintentionally opened a phishing email. Within minutes, the entire city was brought to a screeching halt; employees are currently using analog systems from the 90s, which, among other inconveniences, has required emergency training.

Businesses and organizations who believe ransomware is a thing of the past are sorely mistaken. The City of Baltimore was attacked by ransomware in May of last year with an estimated loss of $18.2 million. The City of Oshkosh was recently attacked as well. Ransomware infected the network on January 28, 2020; systems are still being fully restored and protected nearly 2 weeks later.

We have many mottos here at Central Office Systems, one of which is: “Preparing is easier than repairing.” All of these attacks could have been prevented with the correct cybersecurity measures. Instead of frantically cleaning up after an unexpected attack, just call one of our friendly technicians today. We’ll secure your systems and ease your mind, saving you precious time and money in the process: (262) 784-9698.