Imagine loving your mailman so much, you told other people about him. You write the postmaster, praising his consistent delivery times, how he never bends your mail, and how he’s always nice to Rufus, your diabetic basset hound. Imagine this mailman is so spectacular, you encourage people to move to your neighborhood and send more mail, just so they get the opportunity to meet your beloved postal worker. When your postman asks for feedback, you jump at the chance to sing his praises and let everyone know how lucky you feel to be living along his route.

Now, think about doing the same thing for your Printer & IT Solutions Provider; how good would they have to be for you to make a concerted effort to give good feedback? A perfect Net Promoter Score isn’t just the result of positive feedback, but a high level of customer engagement and participation, meaning an overwhelming majority of our clients have to respond with perfect scores. If a company is truly hoping to gauge and improve their customer service skills, the best, most reliable, and helpful metric is the Net Promoter Score.

Central Office Systems has received a perfect Net Promoter Score for a total of four months in 2019: July, August, October, and December. Let me say that again: Central Office Systems earned a #1 ranking by Net Promoter Score in the entire nation four times last year, surpassing scores of companies the likes of Amazon and Costco. We’re incredibly grateful to our loyal customer base, especially those who take the time out of their day to give us feedback. We look forward to serving you with the nation’s best customer service; call one of our friendly technicians today at (262) 784-9698.