As reported in BizTimes

Central Office Systems
Industry: IT services

As businesses began developing protocols to safely bring employees back into the workplace amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Waukesha-based Central Office Systems identified a need for a temperature scanner that was faster, safer and more accurate than handheld devices.

In partnership with New Berlin-based Exciting Events Inc., Central Office Systems created the Pyrexia Scanner Kiosk, a new IT product that can scan faces with the ability to identify them and determine their temperature within 0.3 degrees, in a matter of seconds.

“Lots of companies had their supervisors taking people’s temperatures, and that not only potentially exposed the supervisor to COVID-19, but the supervisor had to spend a lot of time just standing there with a temperature scanner,” said Art Flater, vice president of sales and principal at Central Office Systems.

The company repurposed a German-made facial recognition security system into its Pyrexia Kiosk, which has now been distributed to manufacturing firms, schools, daycares and nonprofits across the U.S., but mostly in the Milwaukee area.

Demand for the device has exceeded expectations as organizations continue to navigate the pandemic and eventual return to normalcy.

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